“What Type Of Products Can I Sell?”

When it comes to the type of products that you’re going to be selling online in order to get results and have success, there is obviously a lot of things that we can guide you on. In fact, through the Getting Started modules, we’re actually going to be teaching you why we suggest certain types of products; the reasons like products that are in most demand and of course products that are going to put the most amount of money in your pocket.
However, the important thing I must address straight away is the education here that you’re going to get out of SFM is designed to give you the ability to put the ball in your court on that front and you can pick and choose what you sell. I think it’s important to know that if you’re going to really build a business that you love and that you’re passionate about, you’re going to want to have the freedom to pick and choose what it is that you’re marketing and selling online.

However, a lot of our students do choose to be business system affiliates and users of ours. One of the added advantages of that is we have a lot of different products and services out there in the marketplace that you can earn money on. Primarily, our products fall into two packages, the first being education, and the second being around tools and resources. SFM, obviously, you kind of maybe got an idea in terms of the education we provide there is really an education to show people how to get started with an online income, starting from scratch. Huge market, you can probably imagine the amount of people out there who want to be able to earn money self sufficiently online, have geographical freedom and flexibility.

It’s a huge market. Then, we also have our main education company, which is Digital Experts Academy. I would suggest that you think of that as more of a university type of education. It’s extremely thorough, starting right from the basics through to some of the much more advanced and the intermediate trainings that are required to be really a fully fledged internet entrepreneur. Those types of products appeal massively to existing business owners, small business owners, that kind of thing.You have the opportunity to take part in the reseller options of Digital Experts Academy. That kind of gives you an idea on the education front.

In terms of tools and resources, we’re very lucky we have a huge tech team here who are continually creating and developing lots of different products for the marketplace. A lot of our products and resources are geared towards, again, business owners and entrepreneurs. We have the likes of Digital Business Lounge, which is website building and hosting and marketing tools to help people with their online business. Something that you actually get inclusive of your SFM membership here. We have the likes of Simple Lead Capture, which is an amazing online tool that we have created which enables small business owners and larger business owners to create incredible looking webpages for capturing leads and attracting leads so that they can follow up and sell more of their products and services and provide value to their customers.

We have a tool, for example, called Graphics Creator, which is an amazing tool that takes any person who is not creative, like myself, when it comes to graphics and design and shows them a very, very simple way on how to pump out amazing looking graphics with a few clicks of the mouse. In other words, we really know what types of products are selling extremely well online and you have the opportunity to plug in and earn commissions as affiliates for us. You also have the freedom, of course, to be an affiliate for anything you choose and naturally, you can apply this education to your own products and services, should you have them.

“What Type Of Products Can I Sell?”

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