“What Is Affiliate Marketing?”

For starters, affiliate marketing is certainly something that I’m a huge fan of. In fact I would go as far to say if it hadn’t been for affiliate marketing, I probably wouldn’t have got my start on the internet.I would still be stuck in my job working 70 hrs a week, in something that I wasn’t that passionate about. I’m obviously a huge fan on that basis.

Truly the reason why I’m a huge fan of affiliate marketing nowadays is because I’ve been able to prove time and time again that it’s the fastest way for individuals without any previous experience or any sort of even existing business knowledge, should that be the case, to get started and start being self-sufficient, with the ability to write your own paycheck from home.

As long as you’ve got a laptop and an internet connection you can get started. I could say the beauty of affiliate marketing is it doesn’t require huge start-up capital.

I know my first business venture, which was a franchise business, cost me £12,000 to get started. It was all borrowed money, so about $20,000 dollars US dollars. It just took a lot more capital and a lot more time, just to even get going. Whereas with affiliate marketing you can quite literally get started the same day that you find it, in theory. You know, there’s a bit of a learning curve. It’s something that you can start getting going with very,

very quickly and start seeing results and getting paid faster than almost any other business model that exists out there.

In terms of actually what is affiliate marketing, I think that’s really what we need to address. If you think of it, if we take the offline world as an example. Every single day you’re walking into shops, like a supermarket, grocery stores, that kind of thing, any shop you can think of. There’s products available for you to purchase. When you purchase those products, you obviously pay the vendor or the shop owner. They get paid for the product, you get to take the products away with you; that’s how we see sort of traditional business done every day.

In the internet world, most business owners with products and services, including the likes of marketplaces like Amazon, actually rely on affiliates to get those customers through the door. To explain that, if you found a shop in your local town and then you were to go and tell your sibling, your brother, your sister, a friend, your neighbor, that this shop had just opened and they had some fabulous products in there.

The following day they were then to go into that shop and purchase some goods and services. The shop owner would get that lovely referral from you, but you wouldn’t see anything back for that referral.

With affiliate marketing on the internet, you have that opportunity to make those referrals, but get paid for every single referral that you make. It’s through a system called affiliate marketing, or a business model called affiliate marketing. Another example, just to make it really clear in the offline world.

If you were to go to a lovely restaurant and you were then to go and tell all your friends and family about this fabulous meal that you had. Then the following day they were to go and eat at that same restaurant. Again, they’ll probably thank you for that referral, but you’re not going to be putting any money in your pocket.

Again, that same instance on the internet, you know you make that recommendation to anything. Could be products, services. Could be information products, products are downloaded, accessed immediately. It could be physical products, even on the likes of the Amazon Marketplace. Any referrals that you make, when somebody then makes that purchase, you get a commission or a check in the post, or a bank deposit in your bank account, every time you make that successful referral.

In reality, affiliate marketing isn’t about referring friends and family, at all really. It’s about finding customers, or potential customers, who are looking for a particular product and service. Playing that middle man and making that referral. People are doing it to marketplaces like Amazon every day.

You know you can think of any product on Amazon Marketplace that you may have purchased recently. Or you can know from me that there’s a very good chance that when you clicked a link, or when you went to Google and you did a search, that it was actually an affiliate that made that referral. Because, they’ve come to learn how to do online marketing and start matching people to these types of products.

One of the greatest things about that business model as well is that you can build a business around your passions. You know, if there’s particular products or services that you’re passionate about, chances are there are people that have already created products around that niche or market. You get to sign up as an affiliate, and then you can get to work on your business to then make referrals and start getting paid for that work.

The obvious question then is why isn’t more people doing affiliate marketing? Chances are if you look around you, your friends, your family, probably not many of them are affiliate marketers. Most of them are probably in traditional jobs. Either working in shops or in services, maybe even doctors, lawyers, dentists. I think the only real obvious answer is that affiliate marketing is still very, very new.

Even though the internet has been around over 20 years now, and it’s something that people are using every day, the actual understanding of different ways of making money on the internet is still very limited.

It’s not until you make a decision to go out there and get educated, that you’re ever going to really see these opportunities exist around you. Most of my friends, because of the industry that I’m in, make their money on the internet. The high majority of them make the bulk of their income through this affiliate marketing business model that we’re talking about. Like I said, it was affiliate marketing that enabled me to get my start.

The only advice I’d give you is if you are somebody who thinks they like the idea, or you like the idea of making money online, but you don’t know where to get started. Maybe you don’t have your own products to sell, you just know that you would like the freedom that’s offered with an internet business.

Maybe you want a second income around your current job. Maybe you want to be in a situation like I was, where you can become full-time on the internet. Then in most instances, if I’m sat down having a one-on-one conversation, my advice to that individual would be do affiliate marketing.

You can start it right away. You can learn how to make these referrals on the internet. It’s definitely not as hard as it might sound, once you get the education. The amount of money you can make is almost infinite. People are scaling their incomes almost every single month, once they grasp the basics of it. Yeah, affiliate marketing, definitely something you want to consider.

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