The Key to Succeeding and Long Term Success Is Handling Your Negative Thoughts

think about What do you really want.We are not going to be thinking how to get it.We are not going to think where the money is going to come from.where the resources are going to come from, Write it on a little pad,and then I want you to carry the pad with you all day. And
review this.

Hi I am Dr Larry Iverson
And i wanna talk about the reason why,that’s right the reason why,do you have goals you want to achieve?do you have things you’d like to do?do you have lifestyle things you’d like to be different than they are now?

In order to make that happen you have to have a strong reason why,goals for wonderful writing down goals setting goals is great, but it’s been well-documented,that a goal without a strong resupply behind it is impotent.

That’s right you wan,t achieve much if you don’t have a strong reason why behind,why you’re doing what you doing it makes all the difference in the world

Yourself talk your mental images what’s going on inside your head,is the reason you do what you do now,there been many studies finding out about what happens inside overhead.

Cambridge University a couple of years ago was looking at people self-esteem, what they found was when people had others continually picking at them making fun of them ,being sarcastic putting them down, making them look bad,that affect a person’s self-esteem in a way that took time to overcome

That put down by someone else is very tough on us,if we’d let it go on too long, what they found was,it is significantly worse for people to do that to themselves,

They actually found that it is two-and-a-half times more damaging,for you to pick on you! than for somebody else to pick on you and give hard time.

Yep that’s right now it seems like somebody else give me hard to be one thing,but when it’s inside our heads we can’t blow it off, you can’t let it go it doesn’t go away.

It stays in there so what you have to do is you not only have to have goals,you have to get that negative thinking that negative self-talk,out your way if you want to transform you live, and make this the best life you can possibly have.

You got to get a handle on that, you’ve got to have that strong reason why!

To make your life even more effective it isn’t a one time thing it’s an ongoing process.and you can do this.

You can do this day to today it’s not that tough to do,you have to watch what it is know where you’re going, note your goals that you want to achieve.

And then you get the strong reason why inside your mind to moving forward,for instance Lance Armstrong. well Lance Armstrong in 1996 found out he had testicular cancer,he put it off he avoided that he ignored it,he knew he felt something wrong, but he was right in the middle of his career.

He was making strides he was winning tour on his bike, he was making great strides in the field, he was becoming well-known,why would he stop,well he ignored and ignored an unordered sickest a finely when he checked with the doctor.
And they found out that his testicular cancer had spread to his stomach, his longs and to his brain the chances of survival were slim.

They said you’re not doing well guy, you put it of too long.his first thought he said was I’m gonna die, there’s nothing i can do I’m gonna die he begin to express is to his doctors.because he was terrified.

The doctor said you know the very first thing you have to do is you have to change you attitude, if you believe you’re gonna die we can give you great treatments, but we pretty much know you’re probably not gonna make it, you gotta change that attitude.

Is that the attitude you go into a race with, I,m gonna lose ,he goes well course not they said then you gotta go into this race with cancer that I’m gonna win I’m gonna do the treatment I gotta do what I need to do, and I’m gonna take care myself, I’m gonna win.

Well he had a strong reason why at the time,he wanted to move forward he wanted to be in this great relationship he was in it at time,he wanted to keep on moving forward and inspiring people,

And have fun doing the sport he loved so much so he built himself a strong reason why a goal to move forward,but a reason why, that gut-level feeling, see the reason why that feeling deep down inside to be says,i can do this.

I can move forward, i can make this happen,when you have that strong reason why inside your head,you can accomplish incredible thing just like Lance Armstrong.

He beat his cancer and he went on to be one of the most all-time winning bike racers in history,why because that strong powerful reason why,he didn’t just have goals.

He had that burning desire that gut-level reason why behind all of it,you can accomplish what you want in life every time you take a few minutes to listen one of these brief videos.that gives you an insight into how the human mind works and things you can do to make your life better

You are building a reason why, you were building a step-by-step stronger reason to make your life work,you can have great relationships you can be financially secure,you can feel powerful, and you can cope and overcome illnesses.

You can achieve things you desire in your hobbies and sport,you can make your life better than it’s ever been, and it’s up to you build that strong reason why behind your goals, and you become unstoppable.

Only you can stop you. the mind is unlimited unless we get our own you take care of you,move yourself forward every day day by day, apply the simple strategies on these videos, and you’ll find your life is working better moment to moment day to day.take a review do this the best of success to you I’m Dr Larry Ivers.

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