Release Negative Thinking, Stop Feeling Down and Have an Unstoppable Positive Mindset

Hi I am Dr Larry Iverson
I get asked frequently what is the first thing it needs to be done to manage Negative thinking in negative self talk, well the biggest problem is ,by the time you catch the negative thinking maybe self talk, you’re already caught up in feeling bad feeling depressed feeling angry feeling upset or frustrated in some way,

So what is that thing you need to do, well you got to remember that you’re thinking,your negative self talk is created by about 75 percent the words that go on inside your mind it might be images that you create

Inside your brain there are the primary reason that those emotions erupt, so what do we do. Well the first thing is not to worry so much about the negative thinking itself, but instead to focus on catching the feeling ,see you’re always wear how you feel moment to moment day to day, you’re always aware all of the feelings inside of you,

You may not at times thought notice the self talk. but if you’re feeling upset you have negative thinking or negative self talk going on, to change that to a positive thinking process that is positive thinking pattern,it takes a little bit work, so first you catch the feeling,

When the feeling comes up, I don’t feel so good what’s going on, or you find yourself angry frustrated irritated feeling down take a notice the feeling, and then just tell yourself the simple question ask what’s going on where is this coming from.

And immediately your mind will pop up whatever it is you thinking, about someone you had a disagreement with, a problem at work, something you have to do that’s frustrating and hard to do, or something it’s overwhelming

When you find what that is you then look at it, you then take and decide what you can do about it, you then switcher thinking to a processor to a path where you have more control.

because negative thinking negative self talk will every time lead you down a road that makes your success go in the tank,

You need to do what you can, and get control over what you can get control over, so your positive attitude your positive thinking the positive thought processes move forward step by step, this is all a brainwave patterns right, your four primary brain waves beta alpha theta and delta , beta brainwaves are any brain with just 12 for more cycles per second , it’s real fast small brain wave, well that thinking pattern brainwave is the trigger, and so when the feeling comes up you already have that negative thinking going on, so you have to stop, you have to ask yourself what’s going on, catch the situation and then redirect your thinking down a new path.

That’s a choice every day you have choice, positive thinking positive attitude positive feelings ,or negative self talk negative thinking feeling down feeling out of sorts, it’s a choice each of these little videos will give you hints, just like this one, of catching that feeling to help you redirected, to help you move forward faster and easier into the life you desire, you can have the life you want, the best of success to you,
this is Doctor Larry Iverson.

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