How to Visualize Success and Program Your Brain for Greater Mental Control

visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true.
All successful people use it consciously or unconsciously, attracting the success they want into their life,
by visualizing their goals as already accomplished.

Hi I’m Dr Larry Iverson
what is the best way to program your mind for greater achievement, for more control have a deeper focus.
Well there’s a few helpful hints I’m gonna give you right now

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a driver’s manual for the brain where some one hands you the book into says here do this, and everything will great wouldn’t be wonderful,well there are things out nowadays that haven’t been around for that long, they’re like the strategies in my two books unleash your success, they can absolutely make a difference in your performance personally and professionally both.

But i wanna give you hint right now that you can use that will absolutely make a difference,what is it? the more senses you have engaged in any activity you do,see,hear, feel,touch,taste smell the faster your brain picks it up the deeper your focus,For instance let’s say you wanted to improve your golf game, if you imagine you can see yourself golfing from outside and inside, so you measure out on your own eyes, if you’re really doing it,and then you imagine standing back watching yourself you see it from both angles,

You see how you would move you hold your body, you feel what it’s like holding your body in the proper form ,you hear sounds around you hear on golf course, maybe you can smell the freshly mowed grass so you hold yourself the way you want,you envision yourself moving just how you need to swing in club perfectly,watch the ball go the correct reject re to where you want to go, and as you envision this out of your own eyes and then standing back see yourself doing it,

It burns it in your brain all the pros use this,This is not something that i just made up this been being done four years,have you ever heard at the inner game of tennis? or the inner game of golf that’s part of what this is about you get all the senses engage you have to feel it see it hear it touch it tasted as many senses you can get engaged, and when you do,your focus deepens your brain learns quickly,and you able to achieve more, it is the same whether you’re building a skill at work at home improving your speaking abilities,

whatever happens to be this is how you take your game up a level on lots different ways, the more sense you have engaged as you plug it in your mind,let’s say you’re studying for a test, when you are studying you turn those words into thought pictures you picture with the concept is you see it applied in real life,as you do this as you envision this it deepens it in your brain you see it,you talk to yourself about it in your mind she can hear what’s going on,You are feeling your body, maybe you play with something or move something.

they’ve shown that children learn best when they’re playing with things in their hands,that is learning,so you see it you hear it you feel something we’re plugging this new concept,the more sense you have engaged the deeper impression it make in your brain,take this little thing and practice, it works so well use your senses more as you’re plugging information still deep in your focus, it’ll grow your skills way faster

And your ability to achieve goal up significantly watch these little videos again and again,they have hints make sure you take an applied this, when you finish this,take just a moment and apply this right now in some areas in your life,think about something you want to be better at do it now,make it come alive every day can be a better and better day for you,the best of success to you.I,m Dr Larry Iverson

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