“How Quickly Can I Make Money?”

I should have known I was going to get that question, because it’s one of the questions that I hate being asked. How quickly can I make money, because it really is … The answer is kind of how long is a piece of string. It’s different for everybody.

The first thing I would say on that is in life and business, you’ve heard it many times before, you get out of it what you put in, and it’s absolutely true here. If you put more effort in, you can expect to see results a lot faster.
Now, I will tell you that we’ve had students over the years who have made money very, very quickly.

They’ve had results far faster, and exceeded their expectations, with the reason being that we actually have a proven business system here. In other words, it’s kind of like a plug and play affiliate marketing system.

The system we provide you is exact business system that myself and business partner, Jay, uses to make our sales on the internet, and earn money, so you know you are working with something that we’ve invested heavily in. In fact, over 7 figures has been invested into getting this system set up, so everything is designed to be efficient.

Everything is designed to work as fast as possible, but it will always come down to several things. There’s always going to be some variables.

The ones that I’ll mention is obviously the amount of time you’re prepared to put into the training, and into getting the business off the ground. The other thing is how coachable are you? Are you somebody who will take in information and then apply it, so that ties in very nicely with are you an action taker? Are you somebody who’s actually going to put into practice the stuff that we’re going to teach you?

Now, we have changed things over the years to speed up the process for individuals when it comes to making money, and that’s why we’ve had success, case studies where people have made money their very first week of getting started with us.

Naturally that’s exceptional to get those kind of results, but the primary reason for that is what we’ve got very good at teaching individuals is money producing activities, and we do our very best to stop individuals getting distracted.

The problem with the internet is there’s a lot of kind of magic bullets, and shiny objects out there, and it’s very easy to get distracted of the likes of video, and Facebook, and YouTube. Those kind of things. Tons of information and articles out there.

The internet isn’t lacking education and information. In fact, you can almost learn anything you want on the internet, for free, but the problem is is the amount of overwhelm that comes with the internet. Going from article to article, video to video, isn’t going to keep you focused on what is going to get results the quickest, and that’s what you’re guaranteed to get here.

A proven model that you can get plugged straight into, follow in a linear step by step fashion, and go out there and take action on money producing activities, without all of the distractions you’d normally expect.

Yeah, you can get results very quickly, but I wouldn’t dare put a definitive answer on how fast you, or anybody else, would make money. If that’s the question that you have, I’m afraid it’s a case of getting stuck in and proving it to yourself.

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