Change your Brain Change Your Life

Do you know your brain controls everything you do, including how much love you have in your life,And how much money you make? Watch Dr Daniel Amen explaining how!

Dr Daniel Amen is an Award Winning Psychiatrist Brain Imaging expert .Researcher, and  Best-selling Author ,

Hi I am Dr Daniel Amen

I’m so excited to be with you. Through our Brain imaging works at the Amen Clinics.
With tens of thousands of patients from 62 countries over the last two decades.

I’ve come to see with my own eyes that you can literally change your brain and change your life.
This is one of the most exciting Breakthroughs in medicine.

Because with a better brain always comes a better life if you pay attention to me

*If you use the front part of your brain so that you can focus.

*And if I can touch your Emotion brain, so you remember what I say.

*And if your brain is flexible enough to learn new things. Then you’re in for a treat

When you make your brain better by doing the right things you improve your life. When you do the wrong things and hurt your brain. You make your life hard day in and day out, everyday.

You’re either helping or hurting your brain; did you know that blueberries are one of the best Brain foods on the planet? Along with Avocados,Walnuts,Salmon and green tea.

But not getting enough sleep decreases blood flow to your brain, And Impairs your memory and your ability to concentrate.

Did you know that increasing blood flow to your brain is literally the fountain of youth? But doing things that decrease blood

like nicotine too much caffeine .Alcohol, inhaling toxic fumes prematurely ages the brain this program will be divided into three parts,

In part one I’ll give you seven simple principles to change your brain and change your life,i will also give you, One question you should ask yourself every day,

if you really want to be successful in your life. In part two I will show you how to be happier more focused less anxious, and less depressed,by balancing three important and very interesting brain systems.

I’ll also teach you a sneaky brain based strategy to help you deal with the difficult people in your life. And in part three I’m gonna show you how to make your brain great, you are not stuck with the brain you have. You can make it better, and I will show you how, including how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and I’m not kidding.

This program will also give you a completely  new paradigm about why people  struggle along with new insight into healing the brain .for example I want to tell you about a couple who fail marital therapy  that’s right their therapist gave  them a “F”

Now how do you get An “F” in marital therapy, well after spending three years and  and twenty five thousand dollars, The therapist told them to get divorce.Well that’s made the couple very upset because they wanted to be marry……… please watch the video for the whole story.



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