The Hidden Mystery Behind Autistic Child Behaviour


How did you feel when your child was diagnosed with autism?

7 years ago I remember the first time I took my daughter to the community doctors office, the Doctor told me she may have Autism.  I remember saying,  no, no she is a normal girl, she is not talking yet, and  that is the only problem she has. The Doctor said  because she is not talking at the age of three and a half, that’s why we think she may have autism.

 I Felt My World Fall Apart

I remember feeling sick.  I felt my world fall apart. I was thinking how could she say that horrible thing about my child. I was in denial. The doctor asked me if I wanted to read about Autism, but I dismissed her saying no thank you! How dare she say that! My beautiful little girl is normal and not autistic.

Almost a year later we got the official diagnosis. I didn’t know what autism was so that was not normal for me. I remember leaving the doctors office in a hurry, I don’t even know how I got home that day.

I Was Worried About The Future

I came home and started crying. Even today writing this blog, I have tears in my eyes. I started noticing  my child’s  behavior. She used to go round and mumble. She had her own little language. Those little behaviors that I thought was cute, was worrying me. I was worried about the future. If something happens to me, who is going to look after her. She will not be able to stand up for her self. This was a really scary time. Before we got the official diagnosis we did research to find out how we could help her. Our research lead us to an Autism treatment that includes many diet-based therapies that address underlying issues inside the body.

we started with the  gluten/casein free diet,

We avoided Gluten/casein Containing Ingredients and Foods, and first it looked so hard because my daughter only liked milk and toast and those are the 2 things we had to avoid. We started straight away. We substituted the foods that she liked with gluten/casein-free alternatives.

she was a picky eater

She was a picky eater and she hardly ate anything. She used to drink milk, and sometimes toast and french fries. Some days she would fast and not eat any thing. She didn’t like fruit or vegetables. This was a very hard transition. She was 3 and a half years old, she had dark circles around her eyes, she was constipated, always tired, and some times very hyperactive.  She used to climb all over the tables, chairs and windows and she had constant nightmares.

we had long long nights

She would wake up at 3am and start screaming and crying.  She couldn’t tell us why she was crying and what her nightmares were. She would go on crying for hours. She had eczema around her eyes, mouth, and wrist at the back of her knee, and she would wake up mid night and stay up till the next night.

Small Signs Of Improvement

With this diet which was elementary compared to what we eat today, it was very helpful to my daughter. She started sleeping at nights and her appetite got better. We did see some other areas of improvement,   like her awareness and eye contact but she was still a picky eater. She would only eat gluten free rice or gluten free pasta and still no vegetables and fruit, so she was not getting enough nutrients in her diet. But getting rid of what she couldn’t digest help her sleep better.

2 years later

2 years later my son was diagnosed with autism too.

We were expecting this one because he was showing signs of autism, and  we were  more aware of autism now. But still the diagnosis was painful. We put him on the diet as well. He was the opposite to my daughter. She was a picky eater but he ate everything. In fact he he over ate.   Before we but him on the diet, one day i ran out of milk, and that night he slept the whole night for the first time. So we knew now that he had problems with milk. He had psoriasis all over his body, he used to scratch his skin until he bled. He used to spin and never feel dizzy, and he lined things up.

Diet Is The Most Important!

This was not big improvement but. It was a start  and we were convince that diet can help.removing only the things that was leaking out her gut undigested was  bringing  improvement. I would say diet is the most important thing with ones health . It’s very hard to teach a child who is not comfortable with his own body.

Parents’ Food Choices Can Have a Direct Affect

Foods and nutrients can impact the symptoms of autism. Autism is a whole-body disorder, the gut-brain connection is an important area for parents to understand. The foods and substances that children eat directly impact what happens in their brain—and parents’ food choices can have a direct affect. These gluten free casein freebasics can help you get started with this important dietary approach

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Parents Are Becoming Increasingly Aware

Parents are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits children see when they implement the gluten free casein free diet. Removal of gluten and casein—the gluten-free and casein-free is a great way to begin nutritional intervention for autism, the diet is not difficult to do, and with some basic insights you can get started right away.

 Gluten Is The Protein In Wheat

Gluten is the protein in wheat, as well as other grains including rye, barley, spelt, kamut, and commercial oats

 Casein Is The Protein In Dairy

Casein is the protein in dairy. These proteins have been found to be problematic for many children on the spectrum, eating foods containing them can affect their body’s physical and cognitive functions. Eliminating those foods from your child’s diet can help improve many symptoms of autism. It can help children feel and learn better by reducing inattentiveness and hyperactivity, improving speech and language, decreasing digestive disturbances, and much more.

 I Also Changed My Diet

I am a very busy Mum. I homeschool 2 Autistic children, and I run an online business. On top of that everything we eat or drink is made from scratch, and to do all of this I need a lot of energy. I eat a diet high in uncooked vegetables and fruit, which gives me mental clarity, focus and more energy. It also helps my emotional balance.

If you’re also interested in having more time to care for your family, earn a sustainable income and have more control in your life, you could grab my free video training to learn more.


The Key to Succeeding and Long Term Success Is Handling Your Negative Thoughts

think about What do you really want.We are not going to be thinking how to get it.We are not going to think where the money is going to come from.where the resources are going to come from, Write it on a little pad,and then I want you to carry the pad with you all day. And
review this.

Hi I am Dr Larry Iverson
And i wanna talk about the reason why,that’s right the reason why,do you have goals you want to achieve?do you have things you’d like to do?do you have lifestyle things you’d like to be different than they are now?

In order to make that happen you have to have a strong reason why,goals for wonderful writing down goals setting goals is great, but it’s been well-documented,that a goal without a strong resupply behind it is impotent.

That’s right you wan,t achieve much if you don’t have a strong reason why behind,why you’re doing what you doing it makes all the difference in the world

Yourself talk your mental images what’s going on inside your head,is the reason you do what you do now,there been many studies finding out about what happens inside overhead.

Cambridge University a couple of years ago was looking at people self-esteem, what they found was when people had others continually picking at them making fun of them ,being sarcastic putting them down, making them look bad,that affect a person’s self-esteem in a way that took time to overcome

That put down by someone else is very tough on us,if we’d let it go on too long, what they found was,it is significantly worse for people to do that to themselves,

They actually found that it is two-and-a-half times more damaging,for you to pick on you! than for somebody else to pick on you and give hard time.

Yep that’s right now it seems like somebody else give me hard to be one thing,but when it’s inside our heads we can’t blow it off, you can’t let it go it doesn’t go away.

It stays in there so what you have to do is you not only have to have goals,you have to get that negative thinking that negative self-talk,out your way if you want to transform you live, and make this the best life you can possibly have.

You got to get a handle on that, you’ve got to have that strong reason why!

To make your life even more effective it isn’t a one time thing it’s an ongoing process.and you can do this.

You can do this day to today it’s not that tough to do,you have to watch what it is know where you’re going, note your goals that you want to achieve.

And then you get the strong reason why inside your mind to moving forward,for instance Lance Armstrong. well Lance Armstrong in 1996 found out he had testicular cancer,he put it off he avoided that he ignored it,he knew he felt something wrong, but he was right in the middle of his career.

He was making strides he was winning tour on his bike, he was making great strides in the field, he was becoming well-known,why would he stop,well he ignored and ignored an unordered sickest a finely when he checked with the doctor.
And they found out that his testicular cancer had spread to his stomach, his longs and to his brain the chances of survival were slim.

They said you’re not doing well guy, you put it of too long.his first thought he said was I’m gonna die, there’s nothing i can do I’m gonna die he begin to express is to his doctors.because he was terrified.

The doctor said you know the very first thing you have to do is you have to change you attitude, if you believe you’re gonna die we can give you great treatments, but we pretty much know you’re probably not gonna make it, you gotta change that attitude.

Is that the attitude you go into a race with, I,m gonna lose ,he goes well course not they said then you gotta go into this race with cancer that I’m gonna win I’m gonna do the treatment I gotta do what I need to do, and I’m gonna take care myself, I’m gonna win.

Well he had a strong reason why at the time,he wanted to move forward he wanted to be in this great relationship he was in it at time,he wanted to keep on moving forward and inspiring people,

And have fun doing the sport he loved so much so he built himself a strong reason why a goal to move forward,but a reason why, that gut-level feeling, see the reason why that feeling deep down inside to be says,i can do this.

I can move forward, i can make this happen,when you have that strong reason why inside your head,you can accomplish incredible thing just like Lance Armstrong.

He beat his cancer and he went on to be one of the most all-time winning bike racers in history,why because that strong powerful reason why,he didn’t just have goals.

He had that burning desire that gut-level reason why behind all of it,you can accomplish what you want in life every time you take a few minutes to listen one of these brief videos.that gives you an insight into how the human mind works and things you can do to make your life better

You are building a reason why, you were building a step-by-step stronger reason to make your life work,you can have great relationships you can be financially secure,you can feel powerful, and you can cope and overcome illnesses.

You can achieve things you desire in your hobbies and sport,you can make your life better than it’s ever been, and it’s up to you build that strong reason why behind your goals, and you become unstoppable.

Only you can stop you. the mind is unlimited unless we get our own you take care of you,move yourself forward every day day by day, apply the simple strategies on these videos, and you’ll find your life is working better moment to moment day to day.take a review do this the best of success to you I’m Dr Larry Ivers.

Release Negative Thinking, Stop Feeling Down and Have an Unstoppable Positive Mindset

Hi I am Dr Larry Iverson
I get asked frequently what is the first thing it needs to be done to manage Negative thinking in negative self talk, well the biggest problem is ,by the time you catch the negative thinking maybe self talk, you’re already caught up in feeling bad feeling depressed feeling angry feeling upset or frustrated in some way,

So what is that thing you need to do, well you got to remember that you’re thinking,your negative self talk is created by about 75 percent the words that go on inside your mind it might be images that you create

Inside your brain there are the primary reason that those emotions erupt, so what do we do. Well the first thing is not to worry so much about the negative thinking itself, but instead to focus on catching the feeling ,see you’re always wear how you feel moment to moment day to day, you’re always aware all of the feelings inside of you,

You may not at times thought notice the self talk. but if you’re feeling upset you have negative thinking or negative self talk going on, to change that to a positive thinking process that is positive thinking pattern,it takes a little bit work, so first you catch the feeling,

When the feeling comes up, I don’t feel so good what’s going on, or you find yourself angry frustrated irritated feeling down take a notice the feeling, and then just tell yourself the simple question ask what’s going on where is this coming from.

And immediately your mind will pop up whatever it is you thinking, about someone you had a disagreement with, a problem at work, something you have to do that’s frustrating and hard to do, or something it’s overwhelming

When you find what that is you then look at it, you then take and decide what you can do about it, you then switcher thinking to a processor to a path where you have more control.

because negative thinking negative self talk will every time lead you down a road that makes your success go in the tank,

You need to do what you can, and get control over what you can get control over, so your positive attitude your positive thinking the positive thought processes move forward step by step, this is all a brainwave patterns right, your four primary brain waves beta alpha theta and delta , beta brainwaves are any brain with just 12 for more cycles per second , it’s real fast small brain wave, well that thinking pattern brainwave is the trigger, and so when the feeling comes up you already have that negative thinking going on, so you have to stop, you have to ask yourself what’s going on, catch the situation and then redirect your thinking down a new path.

That’s a choice every day you have choice, positive thinking positive attitude positive feelings ,or negative self talk negative thinking feeling down feeling out of sorts, it’s a choice each of these little videos will give you hints, just like this one, of catching that feeling to help you redirected, to help you move forward faster and easier into the life you desire, you can have the life you want, the best of success to you,
this is Doctor Larry Iverson.

Change your Brain Change Your Life

Do you know your brain controls everything you do, including how much love you have in your life,And how much money you make? Watch Dr Daniel Amen explaining how!

Dr Daniel Amen is an Award Winning Psychiatrist Brain Imaging expert .Researcher, and  Best-selling Author ,

Hi I am Dr Daniel Amen

I’m so excited to be with you. Through our Brain imaging works at the Amen Clinics.
With tens of thousands of patients from 62 countries over the last two decades.

I’ve come to see with my own eyes that you can literally change your brain and change your life.
This is one of the most exciting Breakthroughs in medicine.

Because with a better brain always comes a better life if you pay attention to me

*If you use the front part of your brain so that you can focus.

*And if I can touch your Emotion brain, so you remember what I say.

*And if your brain is flexible enough to learn new things. Then you’re in for a treat

When you make your brain better by doing the right things you improve your life. When you do the wrong things and hurt your brain. You make your life hard day in and day out, everyday.

You’re either helping or hurting your brain; did you know that blueberries are one of the best Brain foods on the planet? Along with Avocados,Walnuts,Salmon and green tea.

But not getting enough sleep decreases blood flow to your brain, And Impairs your memory and your ability to concentrate.

Did you know that increasing blood flow to your brain is literally the fountain of youth? But doing things that decrease blood

like nicotine too much caffeine .Alcohol, inhaling toxic fumes prematurely ages the brain this program will be divided into three parts,

In part one I’ll give you seven simple principles to change your brain and change your life,i will also give you, One question you should ask yourself every day,

if you really want to be successful in your life. In part two I will show you how to be happier more focused less anxious, and less depressed,by balancing three important and very interesting brain systems.

I’ll also teach you a sneaky brain based strategy to help you deal with the difficult people in your life. And in part three I’m gonna show you how to make your brain great, you are not stuck with the brain you have. You can make it better, and I will show you how, including how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and I’m not kidding.

This program will also give you a completely  new paradigm about why people  struggle along with new insight into healing the brain .for example I want to tell you about a couple who fail marital therapy  that’s right their therapist gave  them a “F”

Now how do you get An “F” in marital therapy, well after spending three years and  and twenty five thousand dollars, The therapist told them to get divorce.Well that’s made the couple very upset because they wanted to be marry……… please watch the video for the whole story.



How to Visualize Success and Program Your Brain for Greater Mental Control

visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true.
All successful people use it consciously or unconsciously, attracting the success they want into their life,
by visualizing their goals as already accomplished.

Hi I’m Dr Larry Iverson
what is the best way to program your mind for greater achievement, for more control have a deeper focus.
Well there’s a few helpful hints I’m gonna give you right now

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a driver’s manual for the brain where some one hands you the book into says here do this, and everything will great wouldn’t be wonderful,well there are things out nowadays that haven’t been around for that long, they’re like the strategies in my two books unleash your success, they can absolutely make a difference in your performance personally and professionally both.

But i wanna give you hint right now that you can use that will absolutely make a difference,what is it? the more senses you have engaged in any activity you do,see,hear, feel,touch,taste smell the faster your brain picks it up the deeper your focus,For instance let’s say you wanted to improve your golf game, if you imagine you can see yourself golfing from outside and inside, so you measure out on your own eyes, if you’re really doing it,and then you imagine standing back watching yourself you see it from both angles,

You see how you would move you hold your body, you feel what it’s like holding your body in the proper form ,you hear sounds around you hear on golf course, maybe you can smell the freshly mowed grass so you hold yourself the way you want,you envision yourself moving just how you need to swing in club perfectly,watch the ball go the correct reject re to where you want to go, and as you envision this out of your own eyes and then standing back see yourself doing it,

It burns it in your brain all the pros use this,This is not something that i just made up this been being done four years,have you ever heard at the inner game of tennis? or the inner game of golf that’s part of what this is about you get all the senses engage you have to feel it see it hear it touch it tasted as many senses you can get engaged, and when you do,your focus deepens your brain learns quickly,and you able to achieve more, it is the same whether you’re building a skill at work at home improving your speaking abilities,

whatever happens to be this is how you take your game up a level on lots different ways, the more sense you have engaged as you plug it in your mind,let’s say you’re studying for a test, when you are studying you turn those words into thought pictures you picture with the concept is you see it applied in real life,as you do this as you envision this it deepens it in your brain you see it,you talk to yourself about it in your mind she can hear what’s going on,You are feeling your body, maybe you play with something or move something.

they’ve shown that children learn best when they’re playing with things in their hands,that is learning,so you see it you hear it you feel something we’re plugging this new concept,the more sense you have engaged the deeper impression it make in your brain,take this little thing and practice, it works so well use your senses more as you’re plugging information still deep in your focus, it’ll grow your skills way faster

And your ability to achieve goal up significantly watch these little videos again and again,they have hints make sure you take an applied this, when you finish this,take just a moment and apply this right now in some areas in your life,think about something you want to be better at do it now,make it come alive every day can be a better and better day for you,the best of success to you.I,m Dr Larry Iverson

“What Type Of Products Can I Sell?”

When it comes to the type of products that you’re going to be selling online in order to get results and have success, there is obviously a lot of things that we can guide you on. In fact, through the Getting Started modules, we’re actually going to be teaching you why we suggest certain types of products; the reasons like products that are in most demand and of course products that are going to put the most amount of money in your pocket.
However, the important thing I must address straight away is the education here that you’re going to get out of SFM is designed to give you the ability to put the ball in your court on that front and you can pick and choose what you sell. I think it’s important to know that if you’re going to really build a business that you love and that you’re passionate about, you’re going to want to have the freedom to pick and choose what it is that you’re marketing and selling online.

However, a lot of our students do choose to be business system affiliates and users of ours. One of the added advantages of that is we have a lot of different products and services out there in the marketplace that you can earn money on. Primarily, our products fall into two packages, the first being education, and the second being around tools and resources. SFM, obviously, you kind of maybe got an idea in terms of the education we provide there is really an education to show people how to get started with an online income, starting from scratch. Huge market, you can probably imagine the amount of people out there who want to be able to earn money self sufficiently online, have geographical freedom and flexibility.

It’s a huge market. Then, we also have our main education company, which is Digital Experts Academy. I would suggest that you think of that as more of a university type of education. It’s extremely thorough, starting right from the basics through to some of the much more advanced and the intermediate trainings that are required to be really a fully fledged internet entrepreneur. Those types of products appeal massively to existing business owners, small business owners, that kind of thing.You have the opportunity to take part in the reseller options of Digital Experts Academy. That kind of gives you an idea on the education front.

In terms of tools and resources, we’re very lucky we have a huge tech team here who are continually creating and developing lots of different products for the marketplace. A lot of our products and resources are geared towards, again, business owners and entrepreneurs. We have the likes of Digital Business Lounge, which is website building and hosting and marketing tools to help people with their online business. Something that you actually get inclusive of your SFM membership here. We have the likes of Simple Lead Capture, which is an amazing online tool that we have created which enables small business owners and larger business owners to create incredible looking webpages for capturing leads and attracting leads so that they can follow up and sell more of their products and services and provide value to their customers.

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“What Type Of Products Can I Sell?”

“What Is Affiliate Marketing?”

For starters, affiliate marketing is certainly something that I’m a huge fan of. In fact I would go as far to say if it hadn’t been for affiliate marketing, I probably wouldn’t have got my start on the internet.I would still be stuck in my job working 70 hrs a week, in something that I wasn’t that passionate about. I’m obviously a huge fan on that basis.

Truly the reason why I’m a huge fan of affiliate marketing nowadays is because I’ve been able to prove time and time again that it’s the fastest way for individuals without any previous experience or any sort of even existing business knowledge, should that be the case, to get started and start being self-sufficient, with the ability to write your own paycheck from home.

As long as you’ve got a laptop and an internet connection you can get started. I could say the beauty of affiliate marketing is it doesn’t require huge start-up capital.

I know my first business venture, which was a franchise business, cost me £12,000 to get started. It was all borrowed money, so about $20,000 dollars US dollars. It just took a lot more capital and a lot more time, just to even get going. Whereas with affiliate marketing you can quite literally get started the same day that you find it, in theory. You know, there’s a bit of a learning curve. It’s something that you can start getting going with very,

very quickly and start seeing results and getting paid faster than almost any other business model that exists out there.

In terms of actually what is affiliate marketing, I think that’s really what we need to address. If you think of it, if we take the offline world as an example. Every single day you’re walking into shops, like a supermarket, grocery stores, that kind of thing, any shop you can think of. There’s products available for you to purchase. When you purchase those products, you obviously pay the vendor or the shop owner. They get paid for the product, you get to take the products away with you; that’s how we see sort of traditional business done every day.

In the internet world, most business owners with products and services, including the likes of marketplaces like Amazon, actually rely on affiliates to get those customers through the door. To explain that, if you found a shop in your local town and then you were to go and tell your sibling, your brother, your sister, a friend, your neighbor, that this shop had just opened and they had some fabulous products in there.

The following day they were then to go into that shop and purchase some goods and services. The shop owner would get that lovely referral from you, but you wouldn’t see anything back for that referral.

With affiliate marketing on the internet, you have that opportunity to make those referrals, but get paid for every single referral that you make. It’s through a system called affiliate marketing, or a business model called affiliate marketing. Another example, just to make it really clear in the offline world.

If you were to go to a lovely restaurant and you were then to go and tell all your friends and family about this fabulous meal that you had. Then the following day they were to go and eat at that same restaurant. Again, they’ll probably thank you for that referral, but you’re not going to be putting any money in your pocket.

Again, that same instance on the internet, you know you make that recommendation to anything. Could be products, services. Could be information products, products are downloaded, accessed immediately. It could be physical products, even on the likes of the Amazon Marketplace. Any referrals that you make, when somebody then makes that purchase, you get a commission or a check in the post, or a bank deposit in your bank account, every time you make that successful referral.

In reality, affiliate marketing isn’t about referring friends and family, at all really. It’s about finding customers, or potential customers, who are looking for a particular product and service. Playing that middle man and making that referral. People are doing it to marketplaces like Amazon every day.

You know you can think of any product on Amazon Marketplace that you may have purchased recently. Or you can know from me that there’s a very good chance that when you clicked a link, or when you went to Google and you did a search, that it was actually an affiliate that made that referral. Because, they’ve come to learn how to do online marketing and start matching people to these types of products.

One of the greatest things about that business model as well is that you can build a business around your passions. You know, if there’s particular products or services that you’re passionate about, chances are there are people that have already created products around that niche or market. You get to sign up as an affiliate, and then you can get to work on your business to then make referrals and start getting paid for that work.

The obvious question then is why isn’t more people doing affiliate marketing? Chances are if you look around you, your friends, your family, probably not many of them are affiliate marketers. Most of them are probably in traditional jobs. Either working in shops or in services, maybe even doctors, lawyers, dentists. I think the only real obvious answer is that affiliate marketing is still very, very new.

Even though the internet has been around over 20 years now, and it’s something that people are using every day, the actual understanding of different ways of making money on the internet is still very limited.

It’s not until you make a decision to go out there and get educated, that you’re ever going to really see these opportunities exist around you. Most of my friends, because of the industry that I’m in, make their money on the internet. The high majority of them make the bulk of their income through this affiliate marketing business model that we’re talking about. Like I said, it was affiliate marketing that enabled me to get my start.

The only advice I’d give you is if you are somebody who thinks they like the idea, or you like the idea of making money online, but you don’t know where to get started. Maybe you don’t have your own products to sell, you just know that you would like the freedom that’s offered with an internet business.

Maybe you want a second income around your current job. Maybe you want to be in a situation like I was, where you can become full-time on the internet. Then in most instances, if I’m sat down having a one-on-one conversation, my advice to that individual would be do affiliate marketing.

You can start it right away. You can learn how to make these referrals on the internet. It’s definitely not as hard as it might sound, once you get the education. The amount of money you can make is almost infinite. People are scaling their incomes almost every single month, once they grasp the basics of it. Yeah, affiliate marketing, definitely something you want to consider.

“How Quickly Can I Make Money?”

I should have known I was going to get that question, because it’s one of the questions that I hate being asked. How quickly can I make money, because it really is … The answer is kind of how long is a piece of string. It’s different for everybody.

The first thing I would say on that is in life and business, you’ve heard it many times before, you get out of it what you put in, and it’s absolutely true here. If you put more effort in, you can expect to see results a lot faster.
Now, I will tell you that we’ve had students over the years who have made money very, very quickly.

They’ve had results far faster, and exceeded their expectations, with the reason being that we actually have a proven business system here. In other words, it’s kind of like a plug and play affiliate marketing system.

The system we provide you is exact business system that myself and business partner, Jay, uses to make our sales on the internet, and earn money, so you know you are working with something that we’ve invested heavily in. In fact, over 7 figures has been invested into getting this system set up, so everything is designed to be efficient.

Everything is designed to work as fast as possible, but it will always come down to several things. There’s always going to be some variables.

The ones that I’ll mention is obviously the amount of time you’re prepared to put into the training, and into getting the business off the ground. The other thing is how coachable are you? Are you somebody who will take in information and then apply it, so that ties in very nicely with are you an action taker? Are you somebody who’s actually going to put into practice the stuff that we’re going to teach you?

Now, we have changed things over the years to speed up the process for individuals when it comes to making money, and that’s why we’ve had success, case studies where people have made money their very first week of getting started with us.

Naturally that’s exceptional to get those kind of results, but the primary reason for that is what we’ve got very good at teaching individuals is money producing activities, and we do our very best to stop individuals getting distracted.

The problem with the internet is there’s a lot of kind of magic bullets, and shiny objects out there, and it’s very easy to get distracted of the likes of video, and Facebook, and YouTube. Those kind of things. Tons of information and articles out there.

The internet isn’t lacking education and information. In fact, you can almost learn anything you want on the internet, for free, but the problem is is the amount of overwhelm that comes with the internet. Going from article to article, video to video, isn’t going to keep you focused on what is going to get results the quickest, and that’s what you’re guaranteed to get here.

A proven model that you can get plugged straight into, follow in a linear step by step fashion, and go out there and take action on money producing activities, without all of the distractions you’d normally expect.

Yeah, you can get results very quickly, but I wouldn’t dare put a definitive answer on how fast you, or anybody else, would make money. If that’s the question that you have, I’m afraid it’s a case of getting stuck in and proving it to yourself.

“How Much Time Do I Need To Spend On My Business?”

You probably expect me to say that the more time you put in, the more success and results you would have. That’s probably not too far from the reality, however, there are a few things that I will say. The first thing is it’s all about how you spend your time and the biggest advantage when it comes to time and working with us is that we’re going to show you how to focus on money producing activities; stuff that’s really going to have an effect for you and put money in your bank account. In other words, going to get you results as fast as possible.

We’ve had many students over the years who have said they spend hours and hours every day on the internet trying to get results, sometimes for years in fact, and they have really struggled. Then, they have come and found us and put less hours into the business and had a lot more significant results than what they’ve ever had before.

The point, I would say, is it’s about how you spend your time firstly. I would say be realistic. If you haven’t got at least an hour a day most days to start with, then you’ll probably be wasting your time. A couple of hours a week is just too sporadic, it’s too random. The internet is fast moving. Our training is fast moving. We’re always keeping you up to date. You want a good amount of momentum.

I would actually say consistent time spent on the business is more important in many instances than the amount of time. I would say between 10 and 12 hours a week is adequate. Of course, if you can find more, it’s going to assist you, particularly in the beginning stages. We’re going to certainly guide you in terms of that and most importantly, the things that you should really be focusing on to get results.

“How Long Will It Take To Get Set Up?”

It really does vary from individual to individual in terms of how long it takes to get set up with their SFM business and their understanding of the business model. The way that they can earn money does vary. However, I would say on average, it is around the two week mark just to sort of give you some clarity in terms of the processes.

There is several modules that you’re going to work through. Predominantly, there is four modules to getting yourself in a position to being set up and ready to earn money online. Within those modules, there is a few live training calls that you’re going to attend. There are recordings available if you really can’t make the live trainings, but we do our very best to insist that you do everything that you can to attend live because it gives you the opportunity to join in on the call if you wish. You can mute yourself out if you prefer but if you want to get any of your questions answered, you can either type them in or you can come out live and ask your questions.

There is a huge amount of learning to be said for being around other people getting started and hearing their questions. I think it really accelerates the learning process. The actual modules themselves, there is around 20 hours of video. I would say typically, a lot of our students spend around two hours a day, often around work commitments and family, on the modules itself.

I will say this and that is that I really would look at this as a little bit more of a marathon than a sprint. If I was to say there is 20 hours of videos, some of you might say, “Well, I can do that in a couple of days because I will sit down and I will do 10 hours each day.” That really isn’t the spirit behind the training that we have here. We want to walk you through a reasonable pace so first of all, your knowledge can sink in but also so we can provide you additional support around that process.

I will say this. What in the grand scheme of things is a couple of weeks, whether it be three or four weeks of your life to get set up the right way when eventually, you could be putting yourself in a situation of having a life of total freedom and flexibility where you’re running a successful online business? Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The system is going to guide you in terms of the sort of things that you should be working on and how long you should be spending. You are going to have a lot of support along the way and like I said, it is more of a marathon than a sprint in this instance.